What's Cookin', Good Lookin'?
Anonymous whispered:
Hey Al, have you noticed that everyone is gone?

owynsama whispered:
holy shit that face is TERRIFYING i love it


Anonymous whispered:
why do you have your ring fingers up instead of your middle ones

凸(⊙ ͜ʖ⊙ )


((I just popped on to check things out and—

This is an insane amount of followers!!! I haven’t even been updating lately for various reasons, and yet you guys are not only patient and stick around, but you keep things circulating enough to somehow keep this number growing and you guys are really amazing like, wow wowwowowowowwww. Thank you so much. This blog isn’t dead yet, I apologize for the hiatus and sporadic posts, but ahhhhh you guys are great, thank you ;;v;; ))

Anonymous whispered:
Psshhhh, yo bitties is DAMN FINE uvu

hell yeah they are

Anonymous whispered:
...hey,dude....your sister has some niiiiiiiiice bitties~

what the hell

what about my bitties????

Anonymous whispered:
i'm curious... whats happening to all the ask blogs?? did ya'll just lose interest and move on???

((college happened))


Anonymous whispered:
Almond milk is better you uncultured heathen.